Afanos Guesthouse presents the perfect space for settling down, switching off and feel the revelry vibes in the center of Arachova. We offer a select collection of 10 timeless, classic mountain lodge rooms, that have accommodated the adventurous skiers during the years, as well as 4 new, fully refurbished rooms. Two of the later have become our spacious, signature suits, offering a touch of country exclusivity. All of the rooms are named after well-known mountains of our homeland. Each of these specially curated rooms has its own story and characteristics, combining the traditional hospitality that folk areas are renowned for, with modern amenities and facilities. Our guesthouse is located in an area with municipal parking, accessible in a 2-minutes-walk to the heart of the village, the main square. Surrounded by the village’s traditional scenery the view of Parnassos, Afanos Guesthouse aspires to create the most picturesque and cozy stay in the vibrant heart of Arachova.


Our space celebrates the heritage of its location by combining the familiar and intimate with the artisanal. We work with our own community of curated suppliers and creators, many of whom are local, all of whom share our ethos for sustainable, slow and true living.


Our Guesthouse is located in the center of Arachova. Α family mansion used to be here, which we partially restored after many years, repurposing its area by creating a warm and welcoming environment from wood and stone, the main materials of the mountain. The name Afanos originates from the Ancient Greek language and the word "φανός" (faˈnɔs), which means lucent or pine wood torch. This toponym preserves over the centuries the memory of an important ancient Phryctoria of the area. Phryctoria was a means of communication used in Ancient Greece, with marks transmitted from area to area using torches overnight. Mountain ranges are said to represent the culture and human settlement of a country and we are honoring that with considered care.


Welcome to Arachova. The small town of Viotia hanging in the 968m altitude, has experienced great glories in recent years. Arriving in Arachova you will find the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the main road.. but behind the fancy showcase you will discover a state that effectively resists time with the intense presence of the traditional Greek province life. The stone village houses with steaming chimneys are cornered in the narrow uphill streets and the whole village seems to hang on the slopes of the mountain, in a landscape that reaches the limits of perfection. During the winter months Parnassos is often wrapped in fog and then the lights of Arachova shine more brightly in the silver light and the image of the village feels like a fairy tale!

Places to visit

Thinking about visiting Arachova? Don't forget to make a stop:



Archeological site
Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the Navel of the Earth. The magnificent aura and mountainside views of this sacred historical place definitely worth your interest.
Parnassos Ski Centre

Parnassos Ski Centre

Ski resort
Visiting during the winter period? Enjoy skiing, snowboarding and any kind of other activities at Parnassos Ski Centre. It's located at two main areas, Kelaria and Fterrolakas.
Agoriani Parnassou

Eptalofos (Agoriani)

Traditional village
One of the most beautiful folk areas in Parnassos! Agoriani worths a visit during all seasons and offers a true gastronomic experience.
Livadi Parnassou


Mountain valley
Livadi is ideal for sports such as horse riding, ice skating and mountain biking. And all this just 10 km from Arachova! Don't hesitate to make a stop for coffee or food.


Seaside town
In Galaxidi you can combine many things in one of your excursions. It offers swim in the sea, nice sights and relaxation in beautiful shops with hospitable inhabitants.


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